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John Phelan

Economist at Center of the  American Experiment

Wednesday, January 26 at 12pm CST

Live Webinar: Economists Break Down Surging U.S. Prices 

Featured Presenters:

Christopher Phelan

Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and Consultant to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

*The views expressed in this online discussion by Professor Phelan are his alone and not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis or the Federal Reserve System

John is a graduate of Birkbeck College, University of London, where he earned a BSc in Economics, and of the London School of Economics where he earned an MSc

John worked in finance for ten years before becoming a professional economist. He worked at Capital Economics in London, where he wrote reports ranging from the impact of Brexit on the British economy to the effect of government regulation on cell phone coverage.

John has written for City A.M. in London and for The Wall Street Journal in both Europe and the U.S., as well as newspapers across the Midwest. He has also been published in the journal Economic Affairs.

Christopher Phelan is currently a professor of economics at the University of Minnesota, and an advisor to the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He has served in various capacities with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis since 1998, and has taught economics at Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

He received A.B. and A.M. degrees in economics and computer science from Duke University and the University of Chicago. In 1990 he received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. His research agenda focuses on dynamic contracting, government reputation, game theory, and macroeconomics.

Chris’s work has appeared in numerous journals, including the Journal of Economic Theory, Econometrica, the Review of Economic Studies, and the Journal of Monetary Economics. He serves as referee for various economics journals and was an associate editor for the Journal of Economic Theory.